Combat Survival Tin - Texas Adventure and Survival
Combat Survival Tin - Texas Adventure and Survival

Combat Survival Tin

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The Combat Survival Tin has been designed by highly experienced Combat Survival/S.E.R.E instructors for both military and civilian use in the event of an emergency/survival situation, in a wide range of environments. Each item contained within the tin has been selected for their excellent ability to increase your chances of survival, while being lightweight and compact for easy storage and transportation. In addition, the Combat Survival Tin is approved for use by NATO forces (NSN-8456-99-126-6980). 

The Tin Contains:

Tin with Signal Mirror Vinyl Tape Small Pocket Knife
Water/Storm Proof Matches Pencil / Accident Evaluation Form Water Purification Tablets
Snare Wire Candle Fireball Flint and Striker (Ferro Rod)
Button Compass Fishing Kit Signal Whistle
Sewing Kit and Safety Pins Flexible Commando Wire Saw Survival Instructions

Size: 11 x 8 x 2.8cm (4.5” x 3” x 1”) | Weight: 195g (6.87oz)

NATO approved: NSN-8456-99-126-6980

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